A secure feeling all the time with cardservice
and a summary of your daily purchases

Your credit card makes paying particularly easy and you benefit from numerous advantages straight away. Now there is another added benefit:

cardservice offers you even more convenience and greater transparency with online access to your credit card account. You can view your statements, transactions and available balance at all times. You can now also update your customer data easily. And all of this around the clock and anywhere in the world.

A summary of your daily purchases

  • Access to your credit card account: anytime and anywhere
  • Summary of all purchases
  • View your available balance at all times

A secure feeling all the time

  • Monthly statement at the click of a mouse
  • Statements for the last 6 months available at any time
  • Simple, comprehensive management of your finances

Customer center round the clock

  • Place orders such as change of address or PIN reminder easily and comfortably with our customer service.

Your daily purchases at a glance!
The great addition for when you are on the move: the new swisscard app.

The free Swisscard app offers the following advantages:

  • Modern easy-to-use design
  • Summary of transactions for current and previous statement periods and your credit limit
  • You always have the current and available balance to hand
  • Manage your own spending ideally with the expense tracker
  • Balance notification for control of your spending

Download it now:



FAQ cardservice

You can find a summary of cardservice, frequently asked questions as well as help with the registration process here.