Transactions and online statement


You can see the transactions made with the principal card and the additional cards for the last six months in cardservice.

Current transactions

Current transactions are shown once they have been booked by us. This may take place one or two days after the payment was made.

Your statements

You can view all statements from the last six months online or download them as a PDF. On request, we inform you by e-mail as soon as a new statement is ready for you online. If you are not taking advantage of this service yet, click on “Settings for online statements” on the left in cardservice to activate it. You also have the choice here of choosing to cancel your paper statements.

It’s this easy to switch from paper statements to online statements:

Available balance

The amount available shows you how much is currently (real time) still available for you to spend within your spending limit.

This is calculated taking the following into account

  • Posted transactions (= current balance)
  • Any spending on cards that has been approved but not posted yet